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4 - Crash for Cash Scams 

The UK over the last 3 years has been hit by a wave of deliberately planned and staged accidents where victims (often single occupant drivers) brake sharp in front of someone in order to be rear shunted and then claim on the victims insurance for large medical bills and whip lash. More recently, cyclists and motorcyclists have been getting involved, while brining along their very own witness to film the 'accident' so the insurance companies have what they believe is a genuine witness who seen the accident. These types of crashes are costing the insurance industry millions of pounds a year and the average motorists as seen in this clip would normally be the one in the firing line for the incident had a dash camera not been present. 

6 - Road Rage Incidents

With 56% of drivers having experienced road rage at some point, you may well find yourself in a situation where you could be a victim to somebody else’s ‘bad day’. Incidents involving cyclists, public transport, pedestrians & your normal motorist can result in tempers flaring and having a dash camera on board can be a great deterrent in showing someone the actions they are about to proceed with, will be recorded.

3 - Deterrent for Vandalism or Malicious attacks

Most dash cameras are also fitted with parking security mode meaning if your car is parked up in a residential area or your driveway and your vehicle is either subject to vandalism or a typical car parking ding, you may well find your dash camera has caught the individual doing so and having footage of such events may prove useful in helping the police find the culprit. In addition, customers who have dash cameras fitted with parking security mode also have the added benefit of having their home monitored by their in vehicle dash camera, similar to home CCTV - once the vehicle is parked for 20 minutes, the camera detects the vehicle is stationary & the dash camera will begin to record when it's motion sensor is triggered, therefore catching any movement in your driveway and recording clips of people entering/leaving your home.

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1 - Road Accidents 

Getting into a car accident is one of the worst experiences imaginable. If no one is seriously injured, then the blame game starts. "You cut me off!" "You shouldn't have braked so hard!" "I'm calling my lawyer!" - Wouldn't it be great to have your own virtual witness in the car?

We want to avoid all of this nonsense. Installing a dashcam can prevent many post-accident legal headaches & the ever growing injury claims by recording the facts, and with more & more insurance companies now recognising the dash camera as a valuable tool in assessing what happened and offering motorists discounts of up to 15% for having a dash camera fitted, it makes ultimate sense to have one neatly & discreetly, professionally fitted in your car with no wires on show.

We are professionally trained IMI fitters who endeavour to complete all work to the highest standard, completing all installs with the correct tools ensuring no interior trim is damaged and fitting with precision to make sure the finish on all of our fits looks flawless & as factory finished as possible with all cables neatly & securely fastened to the main electrical wiring loom running down the A pillars. We comply with FCS 1362:2016 Uk Code of Practise for the installation of mobile radio & related ancillary equipment in land based vehicles. 

All of our work comes with a 12 month warranty – in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with the work carried out, a full refund will be granted. 

We hold full insurance for the work we carry out in this industry – our insurance documents can be seen upon request.

5 - Your very own witness in incidents involving the Police

If you have ever been accused of doing something you believe you hadn't but ultimately had no proof to argue your case, look no further. Dash Cameras allow owners to have their very own witness recording exactly what is going on directly in front of them; being accused of jumping a red light or making an illegal manoeuvre only takes a quick second to verify via your dash camera's playback facility and if your assumption was correct and you are indeed innocent, you may have just saved yourself some penalty points on your license and a hefty fine. Furthermore, for taxi's and vehicles offering a service, dash cams record audio as well as video, keeping you & your professionalism safe against any accusations that could potentially be made by customers.

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2 - Viewing what happens when you are not there...

Dropping off your pride & joy off for a service or mechanical repair and allowing someone else to take care of your car as if it was their own is something we would all love to be reassured is happening - however it only takes a quick search on youtube to find hundreds of videos where owners of their vehicles have entrusted a garage to carry out works and they have later discovered their car was, in fact, not worked on at all or more often than not, it was subject to a 'intensive' road test. As dash cameras record while the vehicle is on and off, the dash camera can be a vital tool in assessing how your vehicle was treated in someone else's care. 


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